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Retro Minecraft

Welcome To Retro Minecraft Also Known As Retromc. Retro Minecraft Is The Oldest Minecraft Beta Server Still Operating. Retro Minecraft Has Been Running Since 2014, And Has Had A Long Drawn Out History, But Many Players Still Call It Home.

Server Trailer

Welcome To Retro Minecraft

Retro Beta Minecraft or RetroMC is a Minecraft Beta Server which aims to bring back the 2011 feeling of community and nostalgia. RetroMC is a server which hopes to bring together players and allow them to build communities and have fun. Our server is strictly created to be as vanilla as a public server can be, including having no Ranks. Our server is PVE or Player Vs Environment, making our server a friendly place to build and play, with no future plans for map resets. 


No Griefing
No Homophobia
No PVP, or use of methods to kill other players.
No Spamming
No Advertising
No Hacks
No Asking For Ranks (Our Server Has Ranks, But They Are Given By Admins At Their Discretion. We have no payed ranks)

Server Settings

These are subject to change, as we receive feedback.
Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Normal
Mob Griefing: Off (To prevent undetectable griefing)
Fire spread: Off (To prevent undetectable griefing)
TnT: Off (I like explosions, so this might change).
Our server does run a range of plugins, although none of them are game changing. The main addition is commands to make chests private, and to protect spawn (What most servers run).

Amazing Performance

We Host All Our Websites And Servers Out Of The State Of The Art, Hetzner Facilities In France. All Our Servers Run On Atleast i7-4770, With Most Of Our Machines On SSD's.

Project Atlis Network

Retro Minecraft (Retro Mc) is apart of the Project Atlis Network. Project Atlis is a slowly developing Network that groups together Beta/Alpha and Modern Servers as well as other games.

Our Staff

Our Servers Are Run And Operated By An Amazing Group Of People. All Our Staff Are Volunteers And Take Time Out Of Their Days To Help Us Run Our Servers. All Our Staff Are Carefully Picked, And Are Highly Trained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although our server normally has players online 24/7, especially in the American and European regions it is still possible you will join and be alone. Most of our players play between 7:30 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST. If no one is online, try and join during those times or wait, as we normally have a server connection every 10 or so mins.

Retro Lands is a old name, that our server use to use. The Retro Lands server and links are all still functional, ant are the exact same as their Retro Minecraft cousins. We are not associated with Beta Lands nor the owner Sweetz. We once attempted to combind our servers together, although it didn't work out. More info in the link below if you like drama.

Way back in Late/Mid 2015, their was a server made called Retromc. It was probably the first, if not mainstream attempt to recapture the community wanting a Beta server. It existed before Betalands, Puucraft and Azzult Craft. It was owned by someone known as Super Sheriff, and ran for an extended period of time. After me, (jetpackingwolf) played on the server, even after the relaunch i was given admin (Due To Sheriff Deleting All Chests In My Town), I was (1 Of 2 Active Admins) who patrolled the server. The server would often go down once ever 2-3 weeks for 1-3 days, waiting for the inactive owner to fix it. On the 9/9/16 the server went offline, leaving the only Beta Server available dead, as PuuCraft shutdown 1 month before. This left a large void in the beta community, but the formation of new beta server filled in the gap. In early 2017 me and 2 other friends would start a private server to play beta 1.7.3. After 1-2 months we invited the other Retromc players we stayed in contact with, to join. Our server didn’t have a name, but we often just called it Retromc. I managed to get into contact for the first time with Super Sheriff in over a year, and we got permission to use the name and continue the server. We launched in late 2017, and started to form a small community by March/April. You could often join the server and be all by your self, but at peak we could get an amazing at the time 6 people online. Later on, we merged with another Beta Server known as Beta Lands. We remained merged with them, for a period of about 3 months, but split soon afterwards. We are still going stronge to this day, with us reaching upto 30 Concurrent players.


Retro Minecraft

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